#32 Where To Find Storytellers

On why storytelling does not have just one medium or output

Some days I struggle to write this newsletter. I’ve got the motivation and the drive to share, mind you, but I lack focus. I want to help everyone. I believe fundamentally that everyone is a storyteller. Painters, singers, marketers, entrepreneurs, engineers, job seekers, all of us. We all have stories to tell and the opportunity to make each one great if we have the right tools.

That’s because I believe there’s not one medium or output for stories. My post on storytelling and sense making speaks to this idea a little. I’m a writer so my stories are often in the written form. But anyone who’s been watching WandaVision, can tell you how expansive stories on screen can become and how potently they can impact your perspective on the world both within and outside of the story. My favourite storytellers right now include a long list of podcasters.

A song can tell a story as readily as a concrete sculpture and speak to us in ways that go beyond words. I think TikTok, Instagram and emojis have taught us that stories exist far beyond the written word (not to say I don’t love twitter).

And so, I struggle. And while I truly believe creation is a collaborative process with your audience, I also consistently tell my clients that they only way they’ll create clarity and engagement around their brands is to get super specific about who they serve and create with that one person in mind in everything they do. One person. Others will come along with that one person, but it’s key to consistency. But I don’t always do that when I write this letter to you. (Physician heal thyself, much?)

I want to help people understand the power of their stories no matter the medium they work with. Yes, the medium is the message, but there are still fundamentals to storytelling that live across mediums. Most of my tips, tools, and resources come from my experience telling stories in the written and strategic form. But I consume stories in a myriad of forms and they each give me great joy.

Storytellers are everywhere, and I want to help them ALL. I want them all to see and understand how they’re storytellers. I want you to believe you’re a storyteller in your everyday life, even if you’re not a writer or you’re a writer plus other wonderful things.

What does that mean for this newsletter? Well I take a different approach to creating consistency when I think about the person reading it, which I promise to tell you about another time. As long as you know you’re a storyteller and you share with other folks who might need reminding that they are too, I’m happy (and hopefully you are too, because that’s the point).

A Story Well Told

One word: Wandavision. If you’re not in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there may be a few gaps in understanding at first, but the story the creators weave together is just sublime. Potent, as I said above.

Also, importantly, we have our winners for the Do Better storytelling giveaway!

Congratulations to Amy Rhoda B., Delyn S., and Kimberly K.! I’ll be sending you separate notes to organize getting the books to you.

I am so grateful for each and every one of my subscribers and will continue to try to share treats beyond our weekly storytelling missives as a thank you.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll “see” you next week. Whatever the world may bring, there will always be important stories that need you to tell them. I’ll be here to help.

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